Course Applied Statistics

Statistics are essential for scientific research. Good statistical knowledge helps to set up experiments and observational studies effectively and to answer relevant research questions. Through the availability of statistical software, researchers are able to analyse complex designs and data independently. In this course, different statistical methods are illustrated using examples from the life sciences (plant, animal, food and environment).

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Wed 17 January 2024

Tue 23 January 2024

Thu 8 February 2024

Mon 26 February 2024

Tue 5 March 2024

Wed 13 March 2024

Wed 27 March 2024

Thu 4 April 2024

Duration 8 days
Price EUR 3,950.00

Why this course?

This course offers you the general principles of experimental design, data analysis and statistical modelling amongst others:

• Regression: simple linear, multiple linear, polynomials, non-linear;
• Setting up (complex) experimental design, analysis of (co-)variance;
• Generalised linear regression: logistic and log linear modelling.

This is a Dutch course. For more information: