R packages by Biometris

The following R packages are authored and/or maintained by Biometris staff (alphabetically ordered):

Alsace - ALS for the Automatic Chemical Exploration of mixtures.

BioMark - Find Biomarkers in Two-Class Discrimination Problems.

ChemometricsWithR - Multivariate Data Analysis in the Natural Sciences and Life Sciences.

ChemometricsWithRData - Data for package ChemometricsWithR.

Heritability - Marker-Based Estimation of Heritability Using Individual Plant or Plot Data

isatabr - Manipulating ISA tab-delimited (TAB) files in R.

Kohonen - Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps.

LMMsolver - Efficient estimation of variance components for mixed models.

MetaMS - MS-based metabolomics data processing and compound annotation pipeline.

Pls - Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression.

Ptw - Parametric Time Warping.

SpATS - Spatial Analysis of field Trials with Splines.

Statistical Genetics packages