PacBio Sequel IIe for Next Generation Sequencing

The latest technology in the field of high-quality long read sequencing is now available to researchers of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and other organisations.

Sequel IIe is PacBio’s latest platform for high throughput single molecule sequencing. It is part of the NGS facility used by WUR Bioscience on the Wageningen Campus and complements Illumina’s short read sequencing technology and BioNano Genomics’ genome mapping platform.

The Sequel IIe facilitates long read sequencing with extremely high sequence quality (known as HiFi sequencing) and this distinguishes PacBio’s platform from all other long-read sequencing technologies currently available. These HiFi reads have proved invaluable for all manner of downstream applications, including de-novo genome assembly, SNP discovery, structural variation detection and haplotype phasing.

Sharing facilities

The acquisition of the PacBio Sequel IIe is the result of a partnership for sharing facilities between WUR’s Shared Research Facilities, Wageningen Plant Research’s Bioscience business unit, BaseClear and KeyGene.

Thanks to Shared Research Facilities’ investment, this advanced device will also be available to organisations and companies outside the partnership and so helps to meet the ambition to make advanced equipment and facilities available for shared use in the Foodvalley innovation ecosystem. To make this possible, Shared Research Facilities is working closely with Foodvalley in the Foodvalley 2030 programme.