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Climate change, exhaustion of fossil fuels, increasing global energy needs, have boosted the urge for reusing plant material such as crops, aquatic biomass and residual flows produced in the agricultural sector. Wageningen Plant Research has several projects which contribute to the transition to a biobased economy.

- Examples of our Biobased & Circular Economy Research:

  • EU is boosting the development of seaweed cultivation systems with GENIALG
    The EU project GENIALG brings together pioneering companies in large-scale integrated European biorefineries and experts in seaweed cultivation, genetics and metabolomics to boost the seaweed industry.
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  • Drive4EU - Dandelion Rubber and Inulin Valorisation for Europe
    Natural rubber (NR) is an essential renewable material for more than 50,000 products essential to building (adhesives, sealants), medicine (gloves, tubing), and transportation (matting, tyres) industries. In many applications NR cannot be replaced by synthetic rubbers. At the moment NR is harvested exclusively from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) of which 90% is grown in South East Asia. Worldwide NR consumption is forecasted to increase significantly. At the moment the EU is completely dependent on imports of NR.
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  • Splash - Industrial Biotechnology with algae
    Around the world steps are being taken to move from today’s fossil based economy to a more sustainable economy based on biomass.
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