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With increasing quantities of food production, food-borne illnesses also increase. We need to prevent our food transmitting pathogens which can result in the illness or death of the user and immense yield loss, whilst decreasing the use of pesticides. Wageningen Plant Research has several projects which seek solutions to address these issues.

- Examples of our Food Safety Research

  • EU-G-Twyst - Safety assessment of genetically modified plants
    Rat feeding studies for safety assessment of genetically modified plants. G-TwYST is the acronym for Genetically modified plants Two Year Safety Testing. The project duration is from 21 April 2014 20 April 2018.
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  • EU-2017-05 LIVESEED
    The Dutch contribution to this EU project is based on observations that tolerance of abiotic stress in seedlings also increases tolerance against biotic stress (pathogens). It is though that research into this matter could result in a new organic seed health strategy. This knowledge will also be used in crop breeding, where the differences in vigour between seed batches are really shaking things up. This multidisciplinary approach involving seed physiology, microbiology, phytopathology and crop breeding is unique.
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  • Preparation of SEVIA, Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Industry in Africa (Tanzania)
    The aim of the 2012 Preparation of SEVIA project is to explore the options, define the work plan and to formulate the SEVIA project and activity plan, ready for implementation as of 2013.
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  • MycoKey - Mycotoxin management in food and feed chains
    This HORIZON 2020 project is a collaborative EU-China initiative to reduce mycotoxin contamination in food and feed crops, with a focus on maize wheat and barley. Integration of information from different levels (variety resistance, developmental stage of crop, field observations, weather) into ICT tools will allow stakeholders in the entire chain to customize destination of their commodities.
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