Our experts speak about practice-based research in open cultivation

For decades, practice-based research in open crops has been at the pivotal point between practice, science and society. Our researchers are used to being in close contact with everyone who wants something with or from agriculture. And that is quite a lot at the moment.

The number of people that need to be fed is increasing worldwide. At the same time we know that the way we produce and distribute food has already exceeded the limits of ecological carrying capacity. Biodiversity and soil quality are under pressure and - if nothing changes - will come back to haunt vegetable field crops in the form of lost yields and increased pressure from pests and diseases.

Climate change is also putting a heavy strain on farmers: drought, heat, lack of cold in winter and flooding are becoming increasingly serious enemies. Meanwhile, the energy transition offers many opportunities, but there is also a lot involved.

Together towards solutions

In short, we have to change, but how? Is circular agriculture the solution? What contribution can innovation make? How does a farmer generate enough income to be able to continue investing? And, finally, how do we bring farmers and citizens closer together?

Meet our experts

Finding a way through these questions and challenges requires practical research that brings interests and ideas together into workable solutions. Our staff operates at that complex and dynamic pivot point and offers a way forward from there. Together with you. Would you like to know more? Then read the interviews with our experts and contact them to find together the path that leads to practical workable solutions.

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