Crop protection (field) trials

Wageningen University & Research offers companies all the resources they require for a fast introduction of plant protection products onto the market. From lab to market, we support you with custom-made trials to provide your company the opportunity to become acquainted with your novel product for an optimal customer introduction within a minimal amount of time.

Are you developing chemical or biological products, a combination of these two or altogether new application technologies and do you have questions regarding R&D, registration and/or product stewardship?

Wageningen University & Research is a leading expert in the field of crop protection. Our expertise in crop protection and our innovative facilities offer a perfect combination for companies to test, develop and demonstrate the added value of their plant protection products.

We are officially GEP certified (Good Experimental Practice) and all trials are performed within the GEP rules.

We focus on delivering a high success rate, shortening your time to market and contribute to a greater return on your investments.

With more than 500 scientists working for us on plant-related topics (including plant protection) and a great international network full of crop protection experts, we offer a science-driven approach and are able to answer all your questions in the field of crop protection. Our independent position and objective approach make the results reliable and long lasting.