Quantification of agro-ecosystem services in diversified Dutch, arable cropping systems

In a long-term cropping experiment (LTE, organic) we examine the effects of and interactions between three dimensions of crop diversification (time, space, and genes) on the provision of agro-ecosystem services.

The experimental design is informed by agronomic​ norms of the past, viable options for innovation within​ current cropping systems, and future agronomic frontiers. The objective of the experiment is to quantify the agro-ecosystem services provisioned by increased crop diversity, within current cropping systems, by using temporal, spatial, and genetic diversification, and by the integration of legumes. The tasks of the student can differ from assisting in field work, (e.g. above ground biodiversity monitoring) in summer months to data analysis, literature reviews and communication with farmers through field visits, newsletters and publications.

Requirements: knowledge on system analysis, system thinking and agroecology.

More information

Student level MSc or BSc (internship or thesis)
Start date Continuously
Duration 3 - 6 months
Location Lelystad
Compensation 250/month (ridesharing from/to Wageningen is possible)

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