Proeftuin Randwijk

Proeftuin Randwijk offers fruit farmers a mix of fundamental and applied research. In addition to research, the field lab offers demonstrations on sustainable fruit cultivation, modern fruit varieties and rootstock, efficient production systems and automation.

The garden in Randwijk was taken over by Fruitconsult in 2014 and was subsequently transformed from a research facility into field lab. In addition to research, the location offers ample room for demonstrations. The facility boasts 4 hectares of saplings and over 70 studies and demonstrations. The annual increase in the number of visitors since 2015 is proof that the fruit sector values Proeftuin Randwijk. Further evidence is found in the increasing number of sponsors and supporters who provide financial support for the experimental garden.

Centre for woody berries

In 2017, the Proeftuin Randwijk steering group launched the Centre for Woody Berries. Berries is an important, innovative and growing sector. To support the berry sector in its further development, the Proeftuin Randwijk also offers activities related to woody berries in addition to those related to fruits. 

Four partners

Four partners collaborate in the Proeftuin Randwijk since 2016: The Netherlands Fruit Growers Organisation (Dutch acronym NFO), the Central Advisory Service Fruit Farming (Dutch acronym CAF), Fruitconsult and Wageningen University & Research applied research. Together, these partners form the steering group of the new field lab. Over the coming three years, they will support Proeftuin Randwijk financially so that it may develop further into the Dutch fruit sector’s source of inspiration.

Six pillars for activities and collaboration

The strategy rests on six pillars, interconnected to a greater or lesser degree. The three green pillars focus on activities in and around the field lab in which demonstrations and research are established pillars. The education pillar is still under development. The three blue pillars focus on practical collaboration.


The purpose of the field lab is further enhanced by the Innovation and Demonstration Centre (IDC) Randwijk project (the oval below the research and demonstration pillars). The IDC offers businesses a platform to demonstrate and publicise innovations and market introductions.  The IDC aims to accelerate innovative developments and the practical introduction thereof by creating links, making innovations visible and making knowledge available.