Pruim S766

WUR S766 for intensive stone fruit production

Production site for the Prunus spinosa consortium.

This group of rootstock and fruit tree growers started the market introduction of the WUR S766 rootstock in 2014. This site contains various subpages with background information and the order procedure for rootstocks and trees.


Prunus spinosa WUR S766 is a weak-growing rootstock for the intensive production of plums and other stone fruits. The plant grows more vigorously than VVA-1 and slightly less vigorously than St. Juliën A. Considering the climate conditions in the Netherlands, this rootstock is suitable for the Opal, Victoria and other varieties produced under the Lazoet concept.

The variety is characterised by a high productivity rate combined with large fruit size and the possibility to put new plots into production more quickly.


The selection of this rootstock began in 1987. Since then, selection based on both positive aspects and the elimination of negative aspects has resulted in this new rootstock, which has been given the variety name WUR S766. Wageningen Universtiy & Research has obtained European Breeders’ Rights to the WUR S766. The rootstock is sold under license.