Tropical farming

Our extensive and practical knowledge in the field of tropical vegetable cultivation and field crops makes us the ideal partner to facilitate knowledge transfer via knowledge networks and training programmes in regions including Africa and Asia. We also perform product-chain analyses for companies and government bodies. We work at an international level to ensure sustainable and competitive arable and vegetable farming.

Train the trainer

We have many years of experience with setting up both training programmes for future farmer trainers and consultants and practical educational programmes (on and offline), and are experts in providing recommendations and knowledge transfer. In doing so, we make use of innovative methods for the development of knowledge dynamics and knowledge networks. Our activities are aimed at education and knowledge transfer among farmers in order to increase productivity, quality and sustainability, and to lower the cost price and production risks. This usually goes hand-in-hand with the introduction of innovative business technologies, requiring the farmers to raise their knowledge levels. We assist local governments and companies in developing the right training programme for those who will ultimately train the farmers. These ‘Train the Trainer’ programmes are based on the ‘Super Trainer model’.

Integrated pest control in Vietnam

The apple snail is causing extensive damage to rice production in Southeast Asia. This snail affects mainly vulnerable young rice plants which are often unable to grow after being damaged by the snails. This results in a reduced number of rice plants and loss of production. Seed-coating technologies are currently being tested and demonstrated in Vietnam to combat this pest.

Together with several partners and Vietnamese and Dutch government institutions, Wageningen University & Research is organising different tests and demonstrations to increase yield and combat the snails. We develop training based on our practical knowledge of integrated pest control. This training is given to local scientists and students at important locations in the field. We provide the methodology and integrated pest-control courses for sector professionals at Vietnamese seed companies and other stakeholders in the rice sector in Vietnam.

VegImpact - Indonesia

VegImpact (Vegetable production and marketing with impact) is a project that gives small-scale farmers in Indonesia the knowledge they need to increase their vegetable production. The farmers also receive help to deploy effective marketing tools to sell their products at the right price. Using an e-learning module and practical training and coaching programmes, VegImpact helps to improve food safety and contributes to the development of a private sector in Indonesia.

VegImpact is the continuation of previous successful Dutch-Indonesian agricultural projects, is financed by the Dutch government and develops new production chains aimed at increasing income for arable farmers. The project covers various Indonesian islands (including Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi), and involves close collaboration with the local and private sectors in order to achieve sustainable outcomes.

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Sevia - Africa

Sevia (‘Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Africa’) contributes to food safety in Africa by promoting the continued development of the vegetable industry. This is achieved by improving cultivation methods for various African vegetable crops among farmers and through research into the genetic diversity of vegetables in Africa. Sevia also works to increase farmers’ income by raising productivity via the development and dissemination of technological innovations.

Sevia is supported by the industry and financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, East-West Seed and Rijk Zwaan. The business unit Field crops of Wageningen University & Research is the Dutch knowledge partner.

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Ghanaveg - Ghana

The mission of GhanaVeg (Ghana vegetable) is to create a sustainable and internationally competitive vegetable sector that contributes to Ghana’s economic growth and creates innovative products and services.

GhanaVeg aims to improve productivity in the vegetable sector and facilitate market efficiency by introducing local vegetable growers to the Dutch private sector in order to professionalise the whole vegetable production chain and create a better climate for businesses and consumers in Africa.

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Innovations in agriculture in China

The Weifang region of the Shandong province of China has approached WUR and Food Valley NL to design a structure for a close co-operation between China Food Valley and WUR on innovations in agriculture. A team from WUR and Food Valley NL identified the regional need for innovation in the horticultural. PAGV participated in the team and acted as mission leader and contributed with its field vegetable production expertise. Training and demonstrations, co-innovation on new technologies as well as expo activities can significantly contribute to improvement and modernisation of the agricultural sector. These activities are required both in production, in logistics and processing and in food inspection technology.

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Case study: Seed companies and the Tanzanian horticulture sector

Quote of a trainee:

Ghana - trainee

"Just want to thank you for the intellectual shock you gave some of us at the recent AEA training in Kumasi organized by SNV. The subject of what nutrient and what quantities to apply is what we've overlooked as Agricultural Extension Officers in our Extension Service, maybe due to poor knowledge and information. With the knowledge gained from the training, I hope to make even personal efforts as much as my capacity will take me to effect changes" - Trainee in Ghana