Horticulture makes a major positive contribution to modern European society in rural and urban areas, through sustainable food production, a greener environment and a healthier population. The total production value of horticultural crops in the EU for 2009 was over $100 billion.

The focus of research and development in on sustainable and economically viable production techniques to provide the consumer with safe, reliable, high quality products. Wagningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture has three priority areas for research at European and national levels:

  1. Maximising product quality,
  2. Improving integrated systems with minimal inputs and waste,
  3. Supporting Innovative approaches to production and use of horticultural products.

Within this field both (confidential) Business to Business projects are done for European Companies as well as public- private – partnership projects supported by EU funding.



  • Business unit Greenhouse Horticulture partner in ambitious project in Norway - sep 2016