Visual assessment of flowers

Visual assessment of flowers

Flavour is important, but consumers initially base their choice to buy a product on appearance. Our consumer panel can therefore also be used to assess the visual aspects of products.

Especially for this purpose, a test room called the Mood Room was developed in Bleiswijk, in which a shopping situation is mimicked. Products are put on display and judged by the panel. This type of research helps to understand which product characteristics are appreciated and which aspects influence the decision to buy a product.

Fruits and vegetables

visual assessment of fruit and vegetables

Our consumer panel can be used not only to judge the taste of fruits and vegetables, but also to assess the appearance of these products (with or without packaging). The questionnaire is adapted according to the clients wishes. The questionnaire enables panellists to indicate which visual aspects of a product are attractive or not. A visual assessment of fruits or vegetables can be combined with a taste test.

Flowers and plants

visual assessment of flowers and plants


Is a new flower shape appreciated? Which flower color is preferred most? Which consumers are most keen on buying your pot plant? How are my products valued compared to competitor's products? Our consumer panel can help you find answers to these kind of questions. The research design is tailored to the customer’s wishes, so that results provide clear insights that benefit the customer.

Emotional value

To better understand the preferences of consumers for floricultural products, fundamental knowledge is needed about the perception of flowers and plants. What emotions do these products evoke? And how can this knowledge be applied in both breeding and marketing? The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University & Research collaborates with various parties to make the emotional value of floricultural products measurable.