New business models

The business unit Greenhouse Horticulture develops new business models based on effective production of high value phytochemicals in The Greenhouse Pharmacy. We work on production of natural pharmaceuticals from plants, but also on natural colours, flavours and fragrances. Also, we explore the possibilities of new crops, such as black pepper and exptic fruits.

New products, new crops

The Greenhouse Pharmacy is an initiative of Wageningen University & Research, BU Greenhouse Horticulture. Inspired by the Dutch approach of public-private partnerships, we developed a new approach towards the development of new business models for value creation in high-tech greenhouses. In these public-private projects, growers, researchers and marketing cooperate in the development of new business models, and it works. We now envisage that the success of the first projects leads to the generation of new consortia. Our innovations thus stimulate the creation of other innovations.

Food Ingredients

The focus of the programme was originally on the development of new business models in the production of food ingredients. We expect an increasing demand of food ingredients in the European market, both in volume and quality. This originates from the current increasing demand from China, and from the improved quality levels that the European consumers are now expecting. Now we have mastered the cultivation process and a market strategy for Vanilla, and the Dutch Vanilla Growers are taking over, we can broaden the scope of the programme by developing growth recipes for crops such as black pepper and exotic fruits.

Marketing and Future Developments

Our project partners take their role very seriously and act proactively. They contact potential market parties themselves for the new products. At this moment, we are thinking of broadening our scope further to other plant compounds. Do visit us in Bleiswijk! Not all experiments are open to the public, but we can guarantee you a visit full of new inspiration!

Greenhouse Pharmacy