The work of researchers on Antarctica has a wide variety of subjects, from polar sea to sea ice and from krill to whales. In this dossier you can find news, backgrounds and results of research of Wageningen University & Research in the Antarctic region. Also, follow expeditions to Antarctica in our researchers' blogs.

In this dossier, you can find research conducted by Wageningen University & Research in relation to its Statutory Research Task (WOT) in Antarctic Research for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. This task follows from the Netherlands' consultative membership in the Antarctic Treaty, the international agreement for shared government of the Antarctic continent and Southern Oceans. Additional support is obtained from the Netherlands Polar Program of the Netherlands Science Foundation and from foreign host countries that kindly support logistics in our cooperative projects.

The work in the Antarctic has a wide variety of subjects, but has a shared focus on the important role of sea ice in sustaining the rich polar food webs. That focus leads to occasional participation in comparative research expeditions in Arctic areas. When possible, the dossier provides blogs from expeditioners in the field.

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