Final event Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2020 - webinar 8 June

Published on
May 28, 2020

World population is increasing rapidly together with the demand for healthy fresh food. Greenhouse industry can play an important role, but encounters difficulties finding skilled staff to manage crop production. Artificial intelligence (AI) reaches breakthroughs in several areas, however, not yet in horticulture.

The second international “Autonomous greenhouse challenge” 2019/20 aimed in combining horticultural expertise with AI to make breakthroughs in fresh food production with fewer resources. International teams conducted an experiment to grow remotely a cherry tomato crop during a 6-months-period in greenhouse of WUR, The Netherlands.

Maximize net profit with AI algorithms

The goal was to maximize net profit by increasing yield and fruit quality and therefore income and limiting resource use and therefore costs. Each team had a greenhouse compartment equipped with standard actuators and sensors (heating, ventilation, screening, artificial lighting, fogging, CO2 supply, irrigation), teams added a variety of own sensors to monitor the crop. Climate and irrigation control setpoints and crop pruning strategies were remotely determined by teams by AI algorithms.

Join the webinar

Learn more on possibilities of artificial intelligence in remote greenhouse tomato growing. Keynote David Wallerstein, CXO Tencent, analysis of results by Silke Hemming, WUR and announcement of winning team of our this year’s challenge.

Webinar organized by Greentech on 8 June 9:00-10:30 h CET.