New crops in Dutch greenhouses

The experts from Greenhouse Horticulture of WUR are seeking partners for innovative projects aimed at developing new business models in greenhouse horticulture. This can be through new applications such as ingredients for the production of medicines, but also natural fragrances, colourants and flavourants. In addition, we explore the possibilities of new cultivations, such as exotic crops.

The current business model of greenhouse horticulture is under pressure. By widening the offerings, new business models can be created, whereby new chains and markets can develop. This could be new crop applications, such as ingredients for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and (agro)chemistry. New cultivations and new crops also offer opportunities for widening the offerings. Within the programme Kas als Apotheek (greenhouse as pharmacy), Greenhouse Horticulture of WUR entrepreneurs help to develop new business models and contribute to the success of the greenhouse horticulture sector.

Opportunities through ingredients

We are working on using plants to produce medicines, but also natural fragrances, colourants and flavourants. Many plants produce substances that are provide potential for further processing, but generally these substances occur in too low or varying quality. We want to optimise the production with cultivation, plant physiological and molecular genetic research. A greenhouse is a great tool to steer plant processes in a way that enables responsible production of such substances.

New cultivations, new crops

In addition, we are exploring the possibilities of new cultivars. Within the programme Kas als Apotheek (greenhouse as pharmacy) a number of new crops have been examined for various applications. The products are in various stages of development: from initial screening in the "delivery room" in which we monitor how a plant grows and blooms, to the introduction in practice based on a detailed business plan.

For various crops (such as vanilla, pepper, exotic fruits and wasabi), partner search has been completed at the moment.

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