Biobased Economy

The Biobased Economy group is approaching the ‘biobased’ research from four different angles, both from a fundamental and an applied side. Emphasis is on plant cell walls for a better understanding of the cell wall biosynthesis and degradation pathways, both for first and second generation bio-fuels. For polymeric carbohydrates and plant oils research aims at the identification of interesting compounds and genes for different industrial, food and medical applications, identifying the plant as a biorefinery.





Research assistants

PhD candidates

  • Agata Gulisano
  • (Peter)Quy Dung Dinh
  • Jordi Petit Pedro
  • Kasper van der Cruijsen
  • Luis Montes Osorio
  • Michiel Klaassen
  • Jarst van Belle
  • Francesco Pancaldi

Guest researchers

  • Oene Dolstra
  • Behzad Rashidi