Vector map

The pMF1 vector (Figure 3) is equipped with the npt II gene for kanamycin selection of transgenic shoots.

Two additional pMF-versions, pMF2 and pMF3 are available in which the selection gene hpt (hygromycin resistance) and pat (phosphinothricin resistance), respectively, have been introduced into a unique Spe I-restriction site of pMF1. It is also possible to introduce reporter genes like gus or gfp at the Spe I-site for monitoring initial transformation efficiencies. All selection genes and reporter genes will ultimately be removed.

RB, LB Right and Left Border of T-DNA, respectively
Rs Recombination Site
rec-LBD Fusion of Recombinase R-gene and Ligand Binding Domain
cod A-npt II Fusion of cod A gene for negative selection on fluoro cytosine and npt II gene for positive selection on kanamycin
SpeI Restriction site in which hpt II or pat genes have been inserted in pMF2 and pMF3, respectively
MCS Multiple Cloning Site

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