Software for the graphical presentation of linkage maps and QTLs

A great charting tool for genetic linkage studies.

Download & Install

You can download MapChart here. The downloaded file is a zip file containing one file: MapChart232Install.exe. Extract this file and run it to install MapChart.


MapChart is a computer package for the MS-Windows ® platform that produces charts of genetic linkage maps and QTL data. These charts are composed of a sequence of vertical bars representing the linkage groups or chromosomes. On these bars the positions of loci are indicated, and next to the bars QTL intervals and QTL graphs can be shown. MapChart reads the linkage information (i.e. the locus and QTL names and their positions) from text files. This information has to be calculated beforehand, usually with genetic mapping software such as JoinMap ® and MapQTL ®.


  • imports map files from JoinMap ® and QTL information from MapQTL ®
  • highly customizable: colors, fonts, fill styles, line styles, page layout, etc.
  • linkage maps, QTL intervals, QTL plots (LOD-scores, % explained variation, etc.)
  • automatic highlighting of homologous loci
  • automatic alignment of linkage groups belonging to the same chromosome
  • charts can be exported to (and edited in) Microsoft Word ®, Microsoft Powerpoint ®, etc.
  • formatting easily carried over from one map to another
  • HTML manual and FAQ available from the Help menu
  • easy-to-use installer
  • freely available

MapChart comes with many options to generate charts for different purposes. The charts can be imported by and edited with other software. MapChart 2.32 offers extended functionality over version 2.20, including more flexible zooming, improved import of MapQTL ® 5.0 and 6.0 output, and a new installer suitable for the newest Windows versions. It also addresses a recent issue where on some systems no window could be created. An overview of all improvements can be found here.


MapChart is available for the MS-Windows ® platform only.


A description of MapChart appears in the following publication:

Voorrips, R.E., 2002. MapChart: Software for the graphical presentation of linkage maps and QTLs. The Journal of Heredity 93 (1): 77-78.