Genomics and DNA sequencing

Genomics is the branch of molecular genetics concerning with studying the organisation of genomes and determining the nucleotide sequence of genes underlying individual genetic properties, genetic diversity and inheritance.

DNA sequencing

At Plant Research International we have established a genomics platform for ultra-high throughput DNA sequencing. This platform comprises a 454 Genome Sequencer FLX+, an illumina Hiseq2000, a PacBio RS and an ABI 3730XL.

These technologies are widely used for de-novo genome sequencing, genome re-sequencing, comparative genomics, transcriptomics (RNAseq), mutation- and gene variant analysis and DNA-protein interaction studies. The broad applicability of these genomics technologies enabled research on new genomic scientific areas and have created a tremendous global impact on our knowledge and understanding of the molecular basis of life. This impact ranges from revealing diseases to drug- and pesticide discovery, to evolutionary development and breeding, cultivation of crops and livestock, to environmental insight and natural resource management.