PromoBanana provides banana growers in the Philippines with the means to rapidly detect the destructive Panama Disease and Black Sigatoka Disease and to keep them under control. The Philippines is one of the largest banana-exporting countries in the world.

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) coordinates the PromoBanana (PROtect and MOdernize Philippine Banana production) Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The partnership is dedicated to scaling up and modernising laboratories so that small farms and companies can sustainably produce bananas for the export market on an industrial scale. Most of the PromoBanana partners already work with Wageningen UR in other banana research programmes. Thanks to PromoBanana, the technologies, knowledge and services (including diagnostic and soil analysis kits) resulting from these research programmes can be applied in the Philippine banana sector.

WUR and partners combine a fundamental knowledge of banana diseases with expertise in production methods in order to make banana plantations healthy once more.


The total funding for PromoBanana amounts almost M€3,9, including a grant of M€1,9 from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a large donation from the Dioraphte Foundation, and contributions from various partners.

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