Circling Back: Designing, Safeguarding, Accelerating and Scaling for the Circular Bio-economy

Circling back provides an overview of the results of the Wageningen University & Research Investment theme Connected Circularity flagship projects. Running between 2019 – 2022, over 50 researchers from all WUR Science Groups have collaborated to generate new insights on important topics that relate to the transition to a circular bio-economy.

These topics include:

Circling Back logo
  • How to create a circular design from the start and not as an afterthought while creating living communities and new ways to use bioresources in an urban environment
  • How to ensure that circularity does not jeopardise health and safety for environment, animals and humans alike
  • How to accelerate bio-economy initiatives through multi-actor collaboration
  • How to tackle trade-offs for circularity that occur across different scales (local – regional – national – global) and to bring balanced decisions to the table of business and policy makers

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