WUR and Indonesia

Collaboration between Indonesia and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) dates back to the early days of WUR’s foundation. Nowadays Indonesia is still a very important partner of WUR. Many Indonesia students find their way to Wageningen and WUR staff is involved with a large number of fundamental and applied research projects.

Studying at WUR

Questions about studying at Wageningen University & Research? Contact one of our representatives to ask everything you want to know about studying in Wageningen. For more information, click here.


Wageningen University & Research is proud of its alumni! The Wageningen Alumni Chapter Indonesia based in Jakarta, is established to engage alumni in Indonesia with eachother and with Wageningen University. Click for more information.

PPI Wageningen, Indonesian Student Association

PPI Wageningen (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia - Indonesian Student Association) is an organization that offers social-, socio-cultural-, and research-education activities for Indonesian students studying in the Netherlands, especially in the city of Wageningen. For more information, refer to the PPI website.