The protein transition: a movement for everyone

Proteins are the building blocks of life on earth, but the way we produce and consume them is no longer sustainable. We need a transition towards a sustainable, equitable and balanced protein system. Therefore, Wageningen University & Research is looking for ways to increase the availability, diversity and acceptance of existing and new protein sources.

Our current system depletes our natural resources and increasing demand for animal-sourced foods exacerbates this problem. Furthermore, proteins are not equitably shared. Over-consumption co-exists with scarcity. A fairer distribution of proteins, including shifting diets in high income countries to proteins from plants, is needed in the transition towards a sustainable, equitable and balanced food system. A more plant-based diet in line with global dietary guidelines is also healthier. Everyone can contribute to this food system of the future: from farmer to industry professional to consumer.

What is our research focus on protein transition?

Wageningen University & Research develops ground breaking knowledge and technologies that accelerate the protein transition. Our focus:

Protein transition in one minute

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Why is this movement so important?

  • For the environment
  • For zero hunger worldwide
  • For resilience
  • For public health

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