Book: Our Future Proteins - A diversity of perspectives

Without a protein transition, global sustainability targets will be impossible to reach. But what does this mean? In this open-access book, 100+ experts present their views on the transition to sustainable protein production and consumption. Their visions cover a wide range of transition directions, from radically rethinking protein production systems to a pragmatic approach balancing global and local supply chains.

Perspectives from social scientists are presented alongside perspectives from technologists. Academic contributors from across the globe explain the science behind the transition, while industry interviews highlight in-practice examples. Some viewpoints are shared, some divergent, some polarizing.

Considering current food production and consumption through the lens of protein brings the global challenges of the total food system into sharp focus
Stacy Pyett, Programme Manager Proteins for Life at Wageningen University & Research and lead editor of the book

A picture emerges of a complex transition-in-progress, with many different individual motivations coalescing toward a shared goal. The wide range of proposed solutions need not be considered competitive. The future will include a range of options serving different geographies, needs, and preferences. It is only through pursuit of multiple pathways that the route to transition will be found.

Five of the editors are associated with Wageningen University & Research:

  • Editors: Stacy Pyett (WUR), Wendy Jenkins (WUR), Barbara van Mierlo (WUR), Luisa M. Trindade (WUR), David Welch (Synthesis Capital), Hannah van Zanten (WUR)
  • Publisher: VU University Press, 2023