Funded projects

Wildcards and other funded projects

Every year the program invites WUR researchers to submit project ideas that fit with the strategic goal of the investment theme. These research projects are called Wildcard projects. The intention of these projects is not only to fit the strategic interest of the program but also to stimulate new research endeavors through seed funding. This is in line with the overall goal of investment themes at WUR, which aims to foster new research and strengthen collaborations within WUR. Link to page that explains investment themes at WUR.

The focus of the Wildcard call and, thus, of the projects varies from year to year to accommodate developments within the program. Nevertheless, the Wildcards need to fit within the two program domains, textiles and building materials.
Apart from the open calls, the program is also granting funding to small projects that address very specific research questions.

Below you can find projects that have been funded so far.