Roundtable breakout session: Co-creation for Impact: Donors and knowledge institutions (SDG17)

Welcome - Louise O. Fresco, President WUR
- Delia de Vreeze, Director University Fund Wageningen
Introduction to the topic - Devon Klatell, Global Food Strategy Lead & Senior Associate Director Rockefeller Foundation
- Nichola Dyer, Program Manager Global Agriculture & Food Security Program, The World Bank Group
- Ernst van den Ende, Director Plant Sciences Group WUR
World Café ‘Co-creation for impact and wrap up - Main moderator: Lawrence Jones-Walters, Head of Programme at Environmental Sciences Group WUR
Closing - Delia de Vreeze, Director University Fund Wageningen
Description The SDG conference provides us a strong platform to take a step towards our common goal: the realization of the SDGs. Opinions on how to make a significant contribution to achieving these, vary considerably amongst the different stakeholder groups. How do we leverage resources for enhanced impact in tackling the challenges related to Sustainable Food Systems, Healthy Oceans, Climate Change and Migration? How do we improve coordination and collaboration to effectively use the resources that we have? What role does scientific research play in this, since science is often still depicted as entrenched in its ivory tower when private and institutional donors are moving quickly and seeking concrete measurable and communicable impact? In small-scale roundtable sessions with both researchers and donors we will address several questions related to the overarching question ‘What is your strategy for delivering your chosen SDG(s)?’. Specific attention will be given to the role of knowledge institutions in this and the value of co-creation. Together we will work towards clear recommendations to further improve and develop partnerships for the SDGs.
Audience This interactive session is specifically conceived for representatives of institutional and philanthropic donor agencies. How can we build successful partnerships that work effectively and deliver more? How can science be optimally connected with philanthropy to achieve impact? How can we together maximize our contribution to the SDGs? This session will facilitate an open dialogue between these worlds and help define pathways to co-create meaningful and lasting impact.