Transforming higher education to transform agricultural and food systems

Side-event: Thursday 30 August 2018, 13:30-16:00 hours

Venue: ORION building, Room 4015

Background Feeding the world’s expanding population in a sustainable way calls for transformations of the world’s agricultural and food systems based on ideas and innovations that cut across geographical, cultural and disciplinary borders. This motivated five top-ranked academic institutions in the domain of agricultural, food system and environmental sciences to join forces and to form the Agrifood 5 (A5) Alliance. The A5 founding members are China Agricultural University, Cornell University, University of California, Davis, University of Sao Paulo, and Wageningen University & Research.
Goal In order to inform, enhance and lead these essential global transformations the A5 is committed to developing new knowledge and expertise, and to train the next generation of leaders, experts, critical thinkers, and educators. In this workshop and panel discussion, which is also the official launch of A5, we will present and discuss A5’s ambitions with regard to the transformations in higher education that are needed to educate students who will become future leaders who transform the food system, and who will address the challenges of food and nutrition security and sustainable development.
Discussion moderator Prof. Tiny VAN BOEKEL, Wageningen University & Research
Panelists Professor Luiz Gustavo NUSSIO, University of São Paulo, ESALQ
Professor Max J. PFEFFER, Cornell University, CALS
Professor Susan Elizabeth EBELER, University of California, Davis
Professor Weizhe FENG, China Agricultural University
Professor Bettina BOCK, Wageningen University & Research