Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge

The Wageningen Biodiversity Challenge is an event for anyone who enjoys discovering and studying nature in their own environment. It consists of a 'Bioblitz' - a friendly competition to find as many different wild species as possible in a short time within WUR grounds - and an activity programme with outdoor nature excursions. Register now for the 2024 edition!

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The Biodiversity Challenge started in 2021 with a small group of enthousiasts who counted species on Wageningen Campus. In 2022, this initiative was extended to all of WUR, lasting a week and ending with a biodiversity event for everyone. 2023 saw the start of the friendly competition between members of the ICA network of European Life Sciences universities over the course of six weeks. And this year, we're even including the entire city of Wageningen!

The 2024 Challenge will take place from 2 May to 28 June at Wageningen University & Research (all locations) and from 22 May to 22 June in Wageningen. Check out the programme and register for the activities:

Results of the 2023 Bioblitz

Results of the 2023 Bioblitz at all WUR locations
Results of the 2023 Bioblitz at all WUR locations

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