Biodiversity Challenge - Wageningen city

Wageningen is a green city. Have you ever stopped to think how many plants, insects, birds, aquatic and soil animals can be found around you? We invite you to come and discover them together with experts during excursions and other fun activities.

From 22 May (World Biodiversity Day) to 22 June 2024, Wageningen municipality, Stadslab Wageningen, KNNV and Wageningen University & Research will organise a Biodiversity Challenge together. This initiative, which has already taken place on Wageningen Campus for the past three years, will now be extended to the entire city.

What exactly does the Challenge entail?

The Biodiversity Challenge is a way for residents of the city of Wageningen to learn more about nature in their own environment. Because there is a lot of beautiful nature to be found, even in the most stone-paved places. So go outside with our experts and discover biodiversity!

You can also join our Bioblitz: using an app with automatic recognition, you count the species you encounter. You can do this on your own or during one of the excursions. The data collected can be followed on and will be presented after the summer.


The Biodiversity Challenge in Wageningen starts on 22 May (the International Day of Biodiversity) and lasts until 22 June. During those weeks, you can participate in activities such as nature excursions, lectures and the Bioblitz. All activities are free to residents of Wageningen and surrounding areas.

Datum Tijd Activiteit Locatie
22 May 9.00-10.00 Launch of Biodiversity Challenge with mayor and children's mayor Johan Friso school
22 May 13.30-17.00 WUR works for Wageningen! - Taking canoes to fish rubbish out of the canal and building flower planters for your balcony Kadolokaal, Hoogstraat 31
25 May 9.30-15.00 Biodiversity Challenge-event in the city with nature excursions, info market and children's activities Grote Kerk, Markt 1
30 May 20.00-22.00 "WTF is biodiversity - Discover nature right under your nose". Nina Fatouros shares impressive nature photos and Liesje Mommer tells you all about biodiversity. bblthk, Stationsstraat 2
17 June 19.30-21.20 Climate Cafe: "Biodiversity in your environment' Thuis Wageningen, Stationsstraat 32
22 June End of Bioblitz

For KNNV nature excursions, please check the Dutch page.

Add an activity of your own?

Are you organising an activity or action in Wageningen that would fit in well with the Biodiversity Challenge? If so, leave a message via We can also provide guides for your activity, if you make a timely request.