Payment request - generate URL

With this form you compile a URL for a payment request.

- You will receive the generated URL by email and you can forward it to the person who has to pay. 
- If the form on the URL you sent is completed, the person will be forwarded to the Worldline website to pay via iDeal or credit card. This is no guarantee that payment will be made, at that moment the payment can still be interrupted or cancelled! At the same time, an email will be sent to the emailaddress entered below that the form has been opened and completed and the person has been forwarded to Worldline to pay. This email also contains the entered data including the generated payment reference. 
- No invoice will be compiled and sent. It is also not possible to compile an invoice afterwards. If an invoice is required, you cannot use this procedure and you must have the payment handled through the finance department of your organizational unit. 
- There is no follow-up: you must check yourself whether payment has been made and send reminders if necessary. 
- The payment reference consists of the project number that you enter in this form with a generated code of 16 digits. You will find this payment reference in the email that will be sent to the emailaddress entered below as soon as the form has been completed and submit. 
- The "Concerning" field is shown as additional information on the form for the person receiving the payment request. This description does NOT end up in the payment reference
- If the amount is paid, the amount will be received by Corporate Finance, which will then book it to the project number entered in this form. It is therefore very important that you specify the correct project number.
-  A project number within WUR consists of 10 positions where the first two digits represent the administration number.


Will be displayed on the payment request form as additional information, NOT in the payment reference!


Preferably a functional mailbox

Note: your emailaddress will be used to:
  • send the generate URL to (so you can forward the URL)
  • send a mail to when the person who has to pay has opened and submitted the payment request form