0.2–0.75 T variable field NMR spectrometers (VARNMR)

VARNMR is used to study the water status in a wide variety of (bio)porous materials, for example intact plants, plant components (i.e. fruits, seeds, leaves, roots), soils, and foods.

In these systems water functions as an internal probe. Water status is characterized by relaxation times, exchange and magnetization transfer rates, and diffusion coefficients. Hindered and restricted diffusion can be used to learn more about the porous structure the water experiences. These type of experiments form a very versatile toolbox, which can be combined in all kind of 2D-experiments.

Examples of recent papers:

Portable handheld NMR and NMR-CUFF

This same type measurements can also be done in field experiments using highly portable setups based on the NMR MOUSE® and NMR-CUFF.