Summer school

30th ETC-Summer Course 'Salutogenesis in practice'

Organised by Valencian Community General Public Heath Directorate & The Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of Valencia Region, (FISABIO), in collaboration with the Valencian University.

Sun 17 July 2022 until Fri 29 July 2022

Venue Valencia, Spain

Salutogenesis in practice

This course will focus on discussing how the concept of salutogenesis is related to other policies that have impact on health.
The concept of salutogenesis understands that life is more or less comprehensible, meaningful and manageable. On a
more general level, salutogenesis refers to an orientation focusing attention on the study of the origins of health, as
opposed to the origins of disease. In addition, the interest in how physical and social environments can be managed from
a salutogenic perspective to enhance well-being and performance is growing.


Primarily based on experiential learning, that is, learning by reflection on doing.
For this purpose, the learning will be based on:

  • Videos with content about Salutogenesis Interactive sessions

  • Examples of community associations from different countries

  • Discussion Workshops

  • Group work facilitated by 2 international tutors

  • Field visit to several experiences

  • Participatory coffee breaks and social activities: exercise, music, dance, open space

The European Training Consortium in Health Promotion and Public Health is a European network involving 15 institutions that are not
only academic, but some of which are also involved in the practice of health promotion in the territory. For almost 30 years ETC-PHHP has been host to an annual summer school, providing opportunities for participants from different social, cultural and political contexts and an interest or role in health promotion, to come together. A primary goal is to expand participants’ perspectives and horizons of health promotion whilst challenging frontiers in health promotion policy and practice. Interactive adult learning approaches enable participants to share and co-create new insights and explore possible solutions to complex challenges in health promotion. Whereby the overall experience is greater than the sum of the parts.

      More information about the ETC-Summer Course can be found on the website.