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Academic Writing 1: The Basics of Academic Writing (online course)

Do you find it difficult to write a text? Do you think your texts sometimes do not convey your message? How can you ensure that your style and choice of words are professional and that your arguments are persuasive? This online course will help you answer these questions and optimise your writing skills!

This course is taught entirely online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

Target group

Academic Writing is for Bachelor’s and Master’s students looking to improve their academic writing skills. The maximum number of participants per group is 12.

Course level

  • Academic Writing 1: B1

Course content


  • You will read various academic texts and analyse the language they use.
  • You will write short texts to practice the topics discussed.
  • You will write one longer text on a topic relevant to your field.

You will receive help with:

  • Writing good sentences.
  • Building paragraphs.
  • Using academic words and phrases.
  • Adding references to your text.
  • Developing reading skills.


This course includes 8 online classes, one per week. Each class is 1 hour and 45 minutes. Next to that, you should expect to spend 2 to 3 hours on homework each week.

Dates and times

Start date End date Day Time
17 February 7 April Wednesday 19.30-21.15

Course material

Participants will have access to Brightspace, where all the required materials will be available.

Certification and exam

To receive a Wageningen in'to Languages certificate, a minimum attendance of 80% is required. After completing Academic Writing 1, you can continue on to Academic Writing 2.


BSc/MSc WUR Students € 60
WUR Employees € 250
Regular fee € 275

Tips for the writing assessment

Before sending in your text, read your draft and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your text have a clear introduction and conclusion?
  • Have you used either blocked paragraphs or indented ones?
  • Have you checked your word choice to make sure the words/phrases ar not too informal and are familiar to an educated reader who is not from your field?
  • Have you met the word count requirements (in this case, 300 words max.)?
  • Have you checked the spelling using the spelling checker?
  • Have you checked for sentences that are either too long or incomplete?