Agora I - Healthy Ageing

The AGORA Academic Collaborative Centre is the result of a cooperative initiative between Community Health Service Gelre-IJssel (GGD Gelre IJssel) and Wageningen University and Research Centre. In AGORA, the university and the community health service bring together knowledge gained through practical experience with science and policy to create stronger links between these three areas.

Healthy ageing project

The project healthy ageing consists of three sub-projects. These have been developed on the basis of the knowledge and experience currently available in the Gelre-IJssel region.

Core-project 1 (Simone Croezen, Human Nutrition WUR):
Satistics are used to determine the most important health problems facing the elderly in the Gelre-IJssel region. Epidemiological data derived from the GGD Ouderenmonitor and the RIVM Doetinchem study are used to investigate health status (physical, mental, social) and its determinants. Other sources of information about environmental, social, and contextual factors will be added to this data to develop an optimized monitoring infrastructure. This monitoring infrastructure gives insight in the local health situation of elderly, and is flexible to support municipal health policy. Furthermore, it will be directly applicable to issues relevant for the development, implementation, and evaluation of health promotion programmes.

Core-project 3 (Jenneken Naaldenberg Public Health & Society WUR):
A knowledge management system will be developed to support and smooth intersectoral collaboration for healthy ageing in the Gelre-IJssel region. An inventory is being made of groups (welfare organisations, public health policymakers, stakeholders) involved in the theme growing older healthily. Their motivation for working to ensure elderly continue to have good health into old age is being documented. Guidelines for effective intersectoral collaboration and community action for healthy ageing will be developed and tested.

Core-project 2 (Jeanette Lezwijn health promotion professional GGD; Rianne de Vlaming epidemiologist GGD):
An intervention programme that begins with an evaluation of current interventions to ensure a healthy old age. This together with data from core-projects 1 and 3 will be used to prioritise health issues. Subsequently - together with local partners and the elderly - a programme will be established to inventorize the health and welfare of older people. Evaluation will play an important role in this process.

'For each other, in the neighbourhood' is a project of the Academic Collaborative Centre AGORA and GGD Gelre-IJssel and is part of the programme 'Healthy Ageing'.

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