avenue trees

All information about new avenue trees on one website

A list of 75 trees is the heart of the website. This list can be clicked in various ways and shows where and how the listed trees are growing in the Netherlands. It also shows which trees are growing in a particular municipality. This is the result of 15 years of avenue tree research by Applied Plant Research (PPO).

Climate is changing. Now already. And streets are getting busier and crowdier. And the wishes of citizens and municipalities are changing. The result: the familiar trees planted by municipalities are no longer always adequate whereas they often do not know which new trees can be planted.

15 years

This is why 15 years ago PPO’s scientists started their research into avenue trees. Together with growers and municipalities they drew up a list of trees that were new at the time. During seven years a number of municipalities throughout the Netherlands planted and kept trees from that list. During the subsequent period of eight years the scientists regularly took a look and recorded how these trees were growing.

All information about 75 different trees if now systematically presented on the website. The site shows what the different trees look like, on which soil type and under which conditions they are doing well. This information can be found in the detailed description of the species and the way in which they can be used. The site also shows per tree species in which municipality they have been planted or which trees have been planted by each municipality.

Also for education

The scientists are also frequently publishing in professional journals. This is how they also make their knowledge available to green education, intermediate as well higher vocational education.