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Amabel studied in Wageningen and Paris

Amabel Tenghe from Cameroon started her EMABG programme in 2008 at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. In 2009 she continued the master course at AgroParisTech in France.

Amabel from Cameroon
The MSc program I’ve participated in really gives me an advantage in the work that I’m doing now
Amabel from Cameroon

Amabel was born in Cameroon where she did her BSc program at the university of Buea. She took the program of zoology. She loves to do research and when she saw that there was an opportunity to apply for the Erasmus Mundus program in Animal Breeding and Genetics she applied.

“I got accepted for the program and was invited to the university of Austria but my visa was not accepted, so I ended up to study my first year in Wageningen. In Wageningen I took courses for half a year and did a thesis the other half. My thesis was on quantitative genetics in fish.” For the second year of the course Amabel went to Paris to do again half a year courses and the other half a thesis. This time her thesis was a genome wide association study in pigs.

At this moment Amabel is pursuing her PhD in Belgium. She works at the GIGA research institute which is located within the University of Liege. “My work is on genomic selection in beef cattle. The MSc program I’ve participated in really gives me an advantage in the work that I’m doing now. In my work I use a combination of the research methods I’ve used in both my theses. The fact that I already had my position before I was even graduated from the Erasmus Mundus program tells me that this program is really a good start for anyone’s future.” But Amabel also wants to warn future students: “Do not go solely for the sponsored program. You will need devotion to complete it. Before you apply define your point of interest, plan your future and know where you want to end up.”

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