Art route across Wageningen Campus

Published on
December 28, 2011

Along with the Administration Centre of Wageningen UR itself, all the works of art placed around the building on Costerweg are also being moved to Wageningen Campus.

Together with the objects already on display, they will form an art route across the campus.

The art route, which was designed by the artists Wim Korvinus and Hermelinde van Xanten, will unite the collection of art already placed near to various Wageningen UR buildings with the new pieces originating from Costerweg. In view of the reorganisation of Wageningen Campus and our departure from a number of buildings, the art will form a link with the past and serve as a source of inspiration and contemplation for staff, students and visitors to the Campus.

As of 2012, the Wageningen UR Administration Centre will be located in Atlas. The current Administration Centre is surrounded by three works of art, which will be moved along with the Centre and erected in a new spot on Wageningen Campus. The object entitled ‘De dans van de spijspotten’ by Bas Maters (1949-2006) will be positioned on a 30 x 80-metre strip of land between Atlas and Orion, between the trees (as it is now on Costerweg).

This will be followed by De Zaaier by August Falise, donated in 1926 to mark 50 years of agricultural education in Wageningen, and the gedachtenbank created by artist Arjanne Spek and donated by the Bernadijn ten Zeldam-Hartenlust Foundation. This foundation is named after the first woman to chair a municipal council in the Netherlands, who also happened to come from Wageningen. De Zaaier will be placed near the entrance to Atlas and the gedachtenbank will be moved into Impulse, the new meeting and debating centre. Artist Wim Korvinus came up with the new sites for these works of art.