Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials 2013 (BFF2013) programme

The Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials symposium, for a sustainable development of a Biobased Economy, will be held on 7-10 april 2013 in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Find the Preliminary Programme below.

Detailed Programme

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Conference Dinner

On the evening of Tuesday 9 April 2013 a conference theme dinner will take place, on which more information will be provided later. The symposium dinner is included in the registration fee and all participants are invited to attend the dinner.




Exploring scale-up challenges in microalgae mass production.

During the visit you will be shown the latest state-of-the-art algae research facility; AlgaePARC. This unique Wageningen UR centre is set-up to bridge the gap between fundamental algae research and full-scale algae production. In the fully automated processes in the different photobioreactors are compared to develop a more efficient system and optimize operational concepts. A five year research program started at AlgaePARC has been started and is presently supported by 19 companies in the food, oil, chemical and technology development sectors.

Costs: €50 p.p., ex VAT (including transport)
Time: 14.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Register via BFF2013 registration website

> More info on AlgaePARC



ACRRES wants energetic cooperation with you!

ACRRES focusses on sustainable energy and green raw materials. It centres on different regional chain development, biofermentation, windfarms, biodiesel production; with design and development of regional energy concepts with the focus on the efficient connection of circuits. And also optimisation of biomass use for the Biobased Economy.

Costs: €50 p.p, ex VAT (including transport)

Register via BFF2013 registration website

> More info on ACRRES

GreenLab International Matchmaking Event


As part of the BFF2013 symposium, participants can join the Greenlab International Matchmaking Event on April 10. The 'Greenlab International' meetings facilitate matchmaking on cross sectoral topics with different interesting players in the biobased economy, to give more insight into market opportunities for biobased products, to identify and invite any missing partners and suppliers and to create promising business cases, partnerships and project ideas focussing on e.g. Horizon 2020 topics. On April 11 excursions to two interesting companies are scheduled.

Costs: €100, ex VAT (to be paid via GreenLab International, see website)
Time: following the BFF programme on April 10, Wageningen

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