Blended Course Dairy Quality Chain

Inspired by the Dutch integrated approach, this course will lead you through the whole dairy chain from farm to consumer to discuss all aspects of a dairy chain, such as farm management, processing, quality and safety, packaging, consumer trust, future developments etc. In this course, you will gather the latest scientific insights related to dairy products, quality control, packaging technology as well as consumer perceptions and their interlinks through the whole milk chain. The focus will be on cow’s milk, attention could be extended to goatmilk if the audience is interested.

Organised by Wageningen Academy

Wed 26 May 2021 until Fri 28 May 2021

Duration 3 days
Location Other Setup

Registration deadline: 15 May 2021
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This is an in-depth course co-organised with Sino Dutch Dairy Development Centre.

Why follow this blended course?

After completion of this course, you are able to identify and understand the factors to be covered in the dairy chain in order to produce high quality dairy products with high consumer confidence. With this knowledge, you will be able to assess the most important risks and identify the methods to guard the quality, safety and sustainability of milk and dairy products. Furthermore, you will be knowledgeable about new developments related to sustainable package technologies of dairy products. Most importantly, you will be connected with other participants from sectors in the dairy chain for future collaboration and discussions.

For whom is this blended course?

This course is designed for all technical and managerial stakeholders that have an influence on the quality of the final dairy product: farm supplier (equipment and feed), farm manager, raw milk producer, processing manager, quality control manager, technician, product developer, retailer, policy makers, etc. People interested in this course can come from food companies and other organisations, including consultants, NGOs, governmental bodies, academia and researchers.

Blended Course Dairy Quality Chain

Modern dairy chains: from food safety to sustainability

The course includes a variety of lectures, knowledge clips, case study presentations and group work. There will be continuous interaction with other participants and the experts. The following topics are addressed;
• Organisation and lay-out of the dairy chain
• Quality control and assurance through the milk chain
• Milk composition and structure
• International insights on varieties of dairy products
• Sustainable milk production and processing, packaging techology and materials • Consumer insights on dairy products
• Insights in international developments around License to Operate (different footprints like carbon footprint, water footprint etc.)

Course leaders

The course leaders are Prof. Tiny van Boekel and Kees de Koning of Wageningen University & Research and Prof. Shengli Li of China Agricultural University and Prof. Peng Zhou of Jiangnan University.

More information & registration

You can register here for the blended course Dairy Quality Chain, or download the flyer. Questions? Contact the programme manager Zhen Liu.