Blog series: WUR shares data on land use, carbon & emission

Published on
February 3, 2021

There is no way to deny it: in science there is an increasing focus on sharing research data and code. The guiding principle for data sharing by both scientific institutions and research funders, such as NWO, is increasingly “as open as possible, as closed as needed”. WUR also included this principle in its strategic plan.

Data portal

The research data and data applications that WUR offers are made accessible through the Data Portal. We showcase some inspiring examples of research in the new blog series WUR shares Data.

WUR shares Data

For WUR shares Data we talk to current and former WUR researchers, whose datasets are in the spotlight on the portal. This blog series has kicked off with an interview on the LUCID portal with Niki de Sy. She's an assistant professor at the Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing. What is her opinion on data sharing? Does she encounter barriers? And how can we, the data@wur team, provide support? Read the blog fo find out!

Your data set in the spotlight

Would you like to put your data set in the spotlight? Do you want to share your research story in the Data Portal Blog? Please let us know and contact the Data Desk.

You can receive more information on data management by joining the Data@WUR group on the Intranet. This is for WUR staff only.