Board impressed by FEM group

Published on
January 31, 2013

On January 16 the board of Wageningen University (Aalt Dijkhuizen and Martin Kropff) and the board of the Environmental Sciences Group (Kees Slingerland, Auke de Bruin and Arian Steenbruggen) visited the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group. The board was impressed by the enthusiasm, productivity, quality and vitality of the group.

Frits Mohren (Chair) presented the chairgroup, Monique Weemstra (PhD student) presented her PhD project, Lourens Poorter (Associate professor) gave a presentation about the work done on functional traits within our group, and Marielos Peña-Claros (Assistant professor) gave a presentation on her work on forest management in the tropics.

The meeting went very well. The chairman of the board, Aalt Dijkhuizen has summarized his impression in a tweet that he has send out to his network:
“Very interesting visit to the chair group on forest ecology and management. Enthousiastic and high-quality group. Very relevant subjects!”