Book De juiste boom op de juiste plaats (The right tree in the right place) presented at Floriade

Published on
June 28, 2012

Following the end of the conference 'Trees, essential to a vital green city' at the Floriade, the book De juiste boom op de juiste plaats (The right tree in the right place) was unveiled. Bert Gijsberts, chair of the industry association VHG, was presented with the first copy by Pieter Schalk, chair of the advisory committee on research into the practical value of avenue trees.

Cover page De juiste boom op de juiste plaats

As part of the research project 'Research into the practical value of avenue trees', test plantings of a total of 75 varieties and cultivars have been established in seventeen municipalities and three test gardens over the past fifteen years. There, the trees' development over a period of 7-10 years has been followed in detail and experiences with maintenance and management recorded. Work has also been done on ten more general themes, such as pruning, roots pushing upwards, substrate, growing situation, climate and trees. Researcher Jelle Hiemstra of Applied Plant Research (PPO): 'The research has yielded a great deal of valuable information which is available to everyone in this book and on our website. I expect that a lot will be added in the years to come, as the trees continue to grow. The challenge is also to describe the contribution of these trees in terms of modern greenery use, such as their contribution to air quality, living climate, biodiversity, water retention, making locations more attractive to incomers, social cohesion, etc.' More information about this research may be found on this website.

After accepting the book 'The right tree in the right place,' Gijsberts emphasised that this kind of research into the overall value of avenue trees remains essential for the green sector, but certainly also for the municipalities. 'It is up to the chain - from tree grower to end user - to cough up financial resources collectively in order to continue to be able to carry out this type of research.'

The book De juiste boom op de juiste plaats contains 25 trees from the total of 75 studied. This is a random selection from the promising varieties identified by the research and is intended to give a picture of the many possibilities which exist. This book, together with the website, makes a contribution towards choosing the right tree for the right place, and so towards a green and healthy living and working environment.


The study into the practical value of avenue trees is being financed by the Commodity Board for Horticulture (PT). The publication De juiste boom op de juiste plaats is the product of collaboration between the Commodity Board for Horticulture and Plant Publicity Holland, within the framework of The Green City, with financial support from the Commodity Board for Horticulture.


Download the book here (13 Mb, only available in Dutch).

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