Capstone Business and Economics for a Circular Economy

This Capstone project is the final part of the MicroMasters program Business and Economics for a Circular Economy. Interdisciplinarity is central in this part, linking the various sections in this Micromaster.

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Tue 6 November 2018 until Thu 30 January 2020


Tue 18 June 2019 until Thu 2 April 2020

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Content of the course

Please note: The capstone project is only accessible for ID-verified MicroMasters learners who successfully obtained verified certificate in all MicroMasters program courses.

In this capstone project, you will work on integrating the technological section with the Business and Economics section and the Circular Economy part to develop a categorically more sustainable bio-based practice. The focus is on linking the various aspects into an integral research, based on literature research and applied to a practical case.

The final product in this capstone project is a written report. This report should reflect the academic research capabilities on a Masters level, i.e. defining a research proposal, proper literature research, methodology, data, results and conclusions and discussion.

Complete your MicroMasters credential by signing up for a virtually-proctored exam. This 2 hour, multiple choice exam will test your knowledge on all topics discussed in the 3 MicroMasters programme courses.

You can only start the capstone project after completing all other courses in the MicroMasters programme Business and economics for a circular Economy. With a verified certificate for every course:

To the MicroMasters

You will be able to:

  • Define a proper research proposal on the edge of the technological, business and economic aspects in a Circular Economy
  • Find adequate academic literature and interpret this literature
  • Develop a methodology taking into account all disciplines discussed in this MicroMasters
  • Applying the methodology to design a sustainable biobased practice

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