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The Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) has released a policy on sustainable procurement.

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A significant sector is building and construction, which accounts for 30% of emissions. The use of biobased building materials may reduce emissions and contribute to sustainability. Availability of biobased building materials, however, disappears in the overload of information on conventional building materials.

Food & Biobased Research has listed commercially available biobased building materials to make them more visible to the entire building and construction sector: architects, clients and builders.


A catalog with commercially available biobased building materials and their suppliers is available, including potential developments, example projects, R&D parties, interest groups, architects and building companies having experience with biobased building materials. Click here for information and ordering of the catalog.

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Expertise areas

Expertise areas


  • Biobased performance polymers
  • Materials from agro residuals
  • Paper & Board
  • Polymer additives
  • Policy support Biobased Economy