Chinese pesticide registration

Integration of environmental criteria in the Chinese pesticide registration procedures. China has to feed 21% of the world’s population with 10% of world’s arable land. Intensification through increased use of agro-chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides) is an important goal in China’s agricultural policies. This has lead to one of the highest use rates for pesticides (280 kg/ha) in the world, leading to high emissions to the environment.

In the 11th 5-year Policy Programme of the Chinese government sustainable agriculture is promoted through rational use of pesticides.  The Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals (ICAMA) is in China responsible for the pesticide registration procedures. Up to now the main criteria for pesticide admission were efficacy and food safety. In 2006 and 2007 ICAMA has to include environmental criteria in the registration procedures and it has to re-consider the admission of the 600 formulations already allowed on the market. ICAMA has indicated that they wish to use learn from procedures and tools used in the EU pesticide registration process for the prediction of possible emissions and ecotoxicological effects on the ecosystems. Also safe use, storage and disposal by farmers may need attention.

The objectives of the study are:

  • To contribute to sustainable production of high quality and safe food in China, leading to more sustainable farming systems in terms of environmental and human health, higher profits for farmers, better market access, and a more vital rural economy.
  • To support national legislation authorities in China to include environmental criteria in pesticide registration procedures and to form a local science platform that is able to support the regulators with scientific advice in the future.