Circular Fashion: Design, Science and Value in a Sustainable Clothing Industry


Circular Fashion: Design, Science and Value in a Sustainable Clothing Industry

The fundamentals of circular fashion unraveled, learn about circularity in all steps of the fashion value chain. From new textile materials and circular design all the way to business modelling.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research
Registration period

Mon 20 January 2020 until Thu 9 July 2020

Fri 21 February 2020 until Thu 11 March 2021

Wed 1 April 2020 until Thu 5 November 2020


Tue 7 April 2020 until Thu 30 July 2020

Tue 4 August 2020 until Thu 26 November 2020

Tue 1 December 2020 until Thu 1 April 2021

Duration 5 weeks, 4-6 hours per week
Location Online

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Content of the course

The fashion industry has a large influence on the global economy and is more and more known for its social and environmental impact. Everywhere, new initiatives sustainable are arising from recycling and upcycling to creating clothes from compostable materials. Circularity tough, is a complex phenomenon. What will the future bring us? Are we going to decompose our clothes in our own garden?

This online course is a comprehensive introduction to circular fashion, brought to you by roughly thirty different experts from both academia and practice. You will learn about the versatile task of transitioning towards circular fashion, from the unique collaboration between Wageningen University & Research, ArtEZ University of the Arts and many other experts.

What you will learn

After this course you will know the core concepts and tools to help better understand circular economy in the fashion industry. Some of the topics that are covered focus on understanding the challenge of recycling, design for circularity, alternative textiles through biobased innovation and circular business modelling to help bring innovations to the market.

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of sustainability and circularity in fashion
  • Understand the importance of design for disassembly and recyling
  • Evaluate new biobased materials for textiles and understand the change in production processes
  • Disrupt current thinking and mindset in the fashion industry and govern the transition to circular fashion
  • Understand economic paradigms and new forms of value creation for circularity in the fashion industry

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For whom?

This course will provide designers, retailers, scientists and all working at the industry or with an interest in fashion with holistic insights in the complex challenges of circular fashion, while engaging you to start the transition to circularity within your personal and/or professional practices. We will bring together art, design and science to move beyond an ego-centric approach of fashion and start from an ecosystems perspective. Learn the theory, understand the practice and start your own circular fashion journey. Join the movement towards a circular fashion industry!

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