Climate Adaptation Atlas Bangladesh

The development of the Climate Adaptation Atlas for Bangladesh provides insight in important land use and climate changes and the consequences of these changes and supports in making decisions on adaptation strategies.

An obvious – but nevertheless important – step in developing good adaptation strategies, is to know and understand the climatic changes ahead. Visualizing and disclosing spatial information on climate change, the Dutch Climate Adaptation Atlas has already played an important role in supporting adaptation policies in the Netherlands.

The project Climate Adaptation Atlas Bangladesh will lay the foundations for a similar tool for the Asian country. The long term vision of the Dutch consortium and its Bangladeshi counterparts is to develop a methodology and framework that allows for the development of an extensive atlas focussing on many facets of climate change.

This project focuses on a specific region of Bangladesh and will concentrate on a limited number of climate impacts. On the one hand, creating the atlas will allow both the Dutch as the Bangladeshi project members to gain experience in working in complex local conditions. On the other hand, it’ll provide an interesting showcase for the creation of a nationwide atlas or possibly other countries all over the world.