Competence development for realizing and maintaining corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Eghe Osagie


International concerns about depletion of natural capital has led to a worldwide focus on sustainability. As one of the greatest users of natural and human recourses, organizations are being encouraged or forced, to take up their responsibility and invest in sustainable development.


After graduating for her Bachelor's degree in ‘Social Work’ (2007) and ‘Pedagogical Science and Educational Science’ (2009; with a focus on Educational Science), Eghe Rice Osagie started and successfully completed the research master ‘Behavioral Science’ course at the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

As of the first of September 2011 Eghe started with her PhD project ‘Competence development for realizing and maintaining corporate social responsibility within organizations’ at the Chair Group Education and Competence Studies, Wageningen University.


With this PhD-project we aim at enhancing scientific knowledge on (key) competencies and learning activities that are related to organizational sustainability performance, as organizational performance is dependent on the competencies of its employees. Moreover, by constructing a psychometrically sound measurement tool for sustainability-related competencies in this project, organizations will be provided with a useful tool to assess and select employees on sustainability-related competencies.


Project team